Authorised Transitional Facility

Fennec Containers Yard is an Authorised Transitional Facility catering for  20ft  Containers.

If you have Imported a Container and are unable to have the container delivered to your site for some reason or you are not a Transitional Facility we can assist.

Biosecurity Clearance

Our Site is controlled by Independent Verification Services who provide the Management of the Biosecurity Clearance onsite  during the Devanning process.

Container Devanning

You can Devan at our yard under the supervision Independent Verification Services or we can Devan the Container for you.

Stock Storage

Storage of Stock from the Container can be arranged to be Stored in our rental Containers at the yard along with swipe Card access.


We can arrange for Devanned Stock to be Delivered to your site in Curtain Side Trucks or Smaller Vehicles if space is an issue.

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